Breast cancer testing sends Bay mum into ‘drug spiral’

A MUM who moved to Hervey Bay to start a new life away from drugs "fell back into a spiral" of using while being tested for breast cancer.

Janet Lee-Anne Thomson had been clean of drugs since leaving Victoria last year until she returned south over Christmas.

Due to work commitments, Thomson back to leave her children with family for the holidays.

She was looking through stored possessions and found drug utensils and amphetamines.

Thomson's defence lawyer told the court, when returning to Hervey Bay without the children while undergoing tests for breast cancer, she "fell back into a spiral of using drugs."

She has been clean since March, the court heard.

Thomson pleaded guilty to a range of charges including possession of dangerous drugs and utensils, and driving under the influence.

She was fined $1500 for the possession charges, with no conviction recorded.

For the drug driving matters, she was banned from driving for four months, with the conviction recorded.