Breasts are best for babies

BREASTFEEDING counsellor Alannah Shore sometimes gets breastfeeding inquiries from women - and sometimes from men.

As a member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association for more than 15 years, it's a subject she knows quite well.

In fact Alannah has put Gladstone on Australia's breastfeeding map. She is the current national president of the ABA's Breastfeeding Friendly Communities.

As the association's immediate past group leader for the Gladstone region, she has played a big part in spreading the message locally as well.

Alannah said she chose to breastfeed "because I felt it suited my family best".

She and her husband, Duane, have four children, Holly, 20, Jasmine, 17, Lily, 8, and Hayden, 5.

Those who remember the stigma attached to mothers who breastfed in Australia years ago, would be interested to know the tide has well and truly turned.

These days, she said, out of 100 women in hospital after child birth, 92% were initiating breastfeeding.

But for her the association was also an opportunity to find long and lasting friendships.

"It is particularly important in Gladstone where many young families come here for work often separating the nursing mother from the support of other family members, especially from her own mother."

You can reach the Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800686268, or visit

For a Gladstone contact phone 49792992 or 49790906.