WHEN Red Oliver met Ruby Dawe he fell head over heels in love with her, stuffing and all.

It didn't matter, according to her stepdad Noel, that she had sown plenty of wild oats in her teenage years.

True love blossomed and Red forgave her.

Little did Ruby know that Red had been cheating on her with her so-called best friend Pixie.

It was touch and go for a while whether the marriage would take place but love ruled the day and last week at Halcro Street Community Centre in front of a room full of family and friends, Red and Ruby celebrated their marriage.

Red von Baron Oliver is the mascot at the Halcro Street Community Centre who sits on their lounge and has become the centre of attention.

Enter Ruby and, as they say, the rest is history.

The whole wedding scenario started out as a joke but grew into a full-blown wedding ceremony and reception, with cake, bouquets and a fun character celebrant.

Seniors in Focus co-ordinator Julie DeWaard said everyone had taken the fun idea on board.

Marriage celebrant Whoppa Goldberg, aka Julie DeWaard, said the preparation up to the wonderful day had been stressful.

"Things were pretty bad for a while and we didn't know if it was going to happen," she said.

"The partners of the parents went off and left them, which meant Ruby had to get a stand-in to give her away.

"But the day is here now and they have a rocky road ahead with such a lot to overcome, but they will do it," Whoppa said.

A wedding is not a wedding without the usual friction.

When bridesmaid Pixie admitted to her affair with Red, she ended up in therapy and reluctantly gave him up.

Flower girl Mawsie and bridesmaids Pixie, Dixie and Trixie looked resplendent in their bridal outfits as they walked the bride down the aisle.

Red's best man was Blue, an old university mate, who said he was glad to see Red settle down.

"We met while we were studying acting," Blue said.

He used to be pretty wild and it's good to see him with a nice girl.

"I think he wants a lot of kids and a happy family life."

As the mother of the groom, Helen Oliver was emotional and said she was pleased to see her son finally marry a lovely young woman.

"He did have another lover even before Pixie but we're not sure why that didn't work out. Pixie was my first choice for him but he chose Ruby, so I have to be happy with that," Helen said.

Stepfather of the bride, Noel, said he was excited to let his daughter go.

"She is a wonderful girl, very caring and loving and I know they'll be happy and I look forward to having lots of grandchildren," he said.

In lieu of gifts, the guests donated their weekly fee to the Rural Fire Service.

Whoppa/Julie said it was all about not taking life too seriously and having a laugh with friends while raising money for a local charity.