Briefs given short shrift

IT'S time to ditch the budgie smugglers.

A survey, commissioned by iconic surf brand Quiksilver, revealed 82% of Australian women are turned off by the tight-fitting choice of men's swimwear, no matter a guy's physique.

Board shorts or "boardies" were revealed as the outright favourite, with only 18% of women admitting they found the old fashioned swimming briefs appealing.

But perhaps women should hold off fawning over the boys in boardies this summer, with 35% of guys admitting to peeing while wearing the shorts in the surf.

Almost one in ten of survey participants also admitted to going a whole season without washing their board shorts and 43% of guys said they kept the same pair of boardies for at least three years.

Quiksilver Australia marketing manager Beau Irvine said it was time for men "living in the dark ages" to ditch their budgie smugglers and switch to boardies.

Survey findings also included:

  • Entertainment and media types, transport workers, fitness instructors, HR professionals and emergency service workers outright refuse to wear swimming briefs
  • The metro and uber-sexual movement continues to grow in strength, with Aussie blokes having become more fashion conscious than frugal
  • 53% insisted board short design was far more important than price
  • Beach-going Queenslanders and New South Welshman are the greatest buyers of swimwear, the majority spending up to $50 per pair