Spring Hill's Ludo Studio created Bluey, which will air on ABC Kids from October 1. COPYRIGHT ABC TV.
Spring Hill's Ludo Studio created Bluey, which will air on ABC Kids from October 1. COPYRIGHT ABC TV.

Queensland's hot dog Bluey racks up 9m views

AN ADORABLE little pup from Brisbane's hilly suburbs is winning hearts all over the world.

Bluey, an animated children's TV show created by Spring Hill's Ludo Studio, has clocked up almost 9 million views since its launch last month on ABC TV and iView.

The show's success has been chalked up to its universal appeal, with parents and kids loving it with equal gusto.

City North News asked Libbie Doherty, Acting Head of ABC Children's, why the show had hit a chord:

•How many views on iView since launch?

Bluey is dominating on ABC KIDS iview and the ABC KIDS App. To date Bluey has a total of 8.9 Million program plays which is incredible! Sources: OzTAM plays

•How does that stack up when compared to other debut shows?

Bluey is fast becoming a favourite for preschoolers and their parents. The show is currently the #1 Australian produced kids program for 0-4s on the ABC KIDS channel. Bluey is a testament to the incredible creative vision of the Ludo team in delivering a funny and warm representation of modern Australian family life with toddlers.

•Can you tell who/where it is being watched?

Australian preschoolers and parents (0-4) can't seem to get enough of this series and are finding it when and where they want it. On ABC Kids Linear schedule in our prime time morning slot and when they are on the move via the ABC's streaming services ABC Kids App and iview.

A hugely positive and active conversation is being had on Social Media on ABC social accounts.

We've received hundreds of comments on the ABC KIDS For Parents Facebook page from parents stating they love Bluey just as much as their children.

We've also received a post from a Grandmother in the Neverlands who is desperate to show Bluey to her grandchildren, though the series is currently only available in Australia.

•Have you commissioned another series? If so, when will that be on?

The first season of Bluey is 52 episodes. The initial launch premiered 26 episodes from October 1 and we're excited to premiere the next 26 episodes early next year on ABC KIDS and ABC KIDS iview (date TBC).

•What do you think it is that makes this show so popular?

Bluey is Australian through and through. We can't overstate the overwhelming audience response we've had to the Australian voices of the family and how this brings home the comedy. Bluey is also 100 per cent made in the Ludo Studio in Brisbane which helps in the creative execution of the show to deliver Australian nuance to the characters and locations.

Pre-schoolers love Bluey because the show reflects a contemporary Australian preschool world. They're able to recognise iconic Australian landscapes and they connect with the imaginative play that Bluey, Bingo and their friends engage in to create and explore their world.

Parents love Bluey for the contemporary reflection of a modern Australian family. Chilli and Bandit share the parenting and are not afraid to participate in games and actively encourage the huge imaginations of Bluey and Bingo.

•Can people buy merchandise? If so, where? If not, is this something being considered?

BBC Studios have the global merchandise and licensing distribution rights and unfortunately we are not across the future merchandise plans for this series.

Typically merchandise is produced when a series moves into production of a second season and has demonstrated an audience in a number of key international markets. We certainly hope Bluey can do that!

We also asked Charlie Aspinwall, Producer/Executive Producer, Ludo Studio, a few questions:

•How has the reaction been to the show?

The reaction to Bluey has been overwhelming. We have had so many emails and messages from families who are enjoying the world of Bluey. We've also had parents sending us pictures that their Bluey fans have drawn of the characters in the show

It makes us feel very proud that people are getting so much enjoyment from it. And it's very rewarding for the designers & animators here in Brisbane to get this positive feedback.

•What is it about the show that people are saying that they like?

People are saying very similar things about Bluey and her family, they love how normal they are and that they enjoy seeing them spend time playing with their children and how it inspires them to do the same.

They tell us how funny they think it is and how they find it refreshing to see an Australian family & the Australian way of life represented on screen.

They also comment on the quality of artwork, how well it has been animated and the beautiful music.

•What's in store of Bluey and her family and friends?

We are currently finishing production for the final 26 episodes for this series, which are due to deliver early next year and then we hope there will be more playful adventures with Bluey's family and friends after that. Both the ABC & BBC Studios are keen for Ludo Studio to produce a second series, but nothing is confirmed yet.

•Do you have any more projects coming to life soon?

Ludo Studio is currently in production on:

> The Strange Chores, which is a 26 x 11min animation series for ABC ME, co-produced with Media World Pictures, starring Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), Michael Philippou (RackaRacka) and Charlotte Nicdao (Please Like Me).

> Robbie Hood, currently being filmed in Alice Springs, is a 6 x 10 min comedy series, co-produced with Since1788 and written and directed by Dylan River, for SBS On Demand.

> In development is Bulletproof, a 6 x 1hr drama with Stan.

> And a few other projects for the ABC which will be announced soon.