There was bad behaviour at Salter Oval last Saturday.
There was bad behaviour at Salter Oval last Saturday. Mike Knott BUN300117SALTER2

BRL to meet spectator after incident at match

LEAGUE: "We want people to know we will and are doing something about abuse on the sidelines.”

Bundaberg Rugby League chairman Mike Ireland says the league is getting tough when it comes to bad behaviour.

The BRL plans to speak to a person today after an incident at Salter Oval on Saturday night when Brothers played Western Suburbs.

Brothers player Mat Templeman complained about an incident at the lower bar underneath the BRL clubrooms.

"I was unaware of what happened as I was down the other end attending something near the canteen,” Ireland said.

"I was made aware of it afterwards and I don't blame Mat for speaking up.

"I support him and the league supports him.”

Ireland said the person allegedly involved had been identified to the BRL.

If it is the person who has done it then a suspension will apply and an apology to Templeman will be made.

Ireland said security would also be increased and put under further scrutiny after failing to report the incident initially.

"I've spoken to the security company,” he said.

Security will be increased at the lower bar as well.

The incident is the first at Salter Oval this year.

There was one incident earlier this year at a Hervey Bay match in Stafford Park which resulted in a spectator being banned for eight matches

Ireland said that under the Not In My House campaign, which was implemented this year, there was no room for bad behaviour.

"We're going to show people we are tough when it comes to this,” he said.

"In the first incidence if we identify them they will get a yellow card for a warning before we call the police if they do it again.”

Some BRL clubs have posted a reminder of the Not In Our House rules on social media since the incident.

Competition resumes on Saturday with games at Salter Oval and Stafford Park.