Bronwyn Bishop.... flight was expensive.
Bronwyn Bishop.... flight was expensive. Contributed

Bronwyn Bishop says helicopter issue 'a beat-up'

HOUSE of Representatives Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has described allegations she misused her travel allowance as a "political beat-up" and says she is sorry they distracted attention from Labor leader Bill Shorten.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have referred a complaint about Mrs Bishop chartering a helicopter to go to a Liberal Party function to the Department of Finance for investigation.

Mrs Bishop said she booked the $5,227 charter "in the normal way" and reported it properly.

She conceded the trip, from Melbourne to Clifton Springs Golf Club and back last November, was expensive.

"When I saw the figure, it looked large and I thought I should pay it, and am paying it," she said.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thrown his support behind Mrs Bishop, saying he will not be asking the Speaker to step down during the investigation.

Labor has called for Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's travel entitlement misuse claims to be handled the same way those against her predecessor Peter Slipper were.

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