ON THE ATTACK: Brothers Aston Villa's Michael Stayte tries to get away from Bargara's Jesse Davidson.
ON THE ATTACK: Brothers Aston Villa's Michael Stayte tries to get away from Bargara's Jesse Davidson. Brian Cassidy

Brothers Aston Villa end Bargara's season

FOOTBALL: It was the 90 minutes of football that told the Wide Bay Premier League the defending premiers are not finished yet this season.

Brothers Aston Villa ended Bargara's WBPL season with a 6-1 win at Martens Oval on Saturday night.

The title-holders scored two goals in the first half before running away with the contest in the second half.

Bargara scored late in the match but by then the result was not in doubt.

"I was pleasantly surprised with the scoreline and how we went about the match,” Villa coach Glen Sparozvich said.

"I would rate it as one of our top three games we've played this season.

"We played some good football and I was pleased with how we played.”

Villa striker Jarryd Bennier scored a hat-trick while captain Josh McInnes added two.

McInnes, who won a spot as a defender in the Wide Bay Premier League team of the year recently, has been playing in attack during the past few rounds.

Sparozvich said the injection of the captain up front had transformed the team.

"We put him up front before the Bingera game earlier this season and he has been up front ever since,” Sparozvich said.

"It's no coincidence that we've played better with him being up there.

"We haven't lost a game since he's been there.”

Sparozvic said Bennier was outstanding as well and was pleased with the players that took to the field with injury clouds before the game.

The side now faces Doon Villa this week in the preliminary final in Maryborough.

"It's an extremely tough hurdle,” Sparozvich said.

"We certainly don't have fear on anyone and will put our best foot forward.”

Bargara coach Bruce Leslight said Villa was too good on the day but it was a disappointing performance from the Reds.

"We conceded a couple of soft goals in the first half and pushed forward in the second half to try to get the result,” he said.

"We didn't the make the most of our opportunities and they did.”

Leslight said it took a day for the result to sink in but he was proud of the season.

"We've done really well this season,” he said.

"For us we just need more depth now to hopefully climb up the ladder.”

Brothers Aston Villa play on Saturday at 6pm.