The remaining brumbies on Fraser Island.
The remaining brumbies on Fraser Island. Contributed

BRUMBIES: New sighting of feral horses on Fraser Island

A FRESH brumby sighting has been recorded on Fraser Island.

Monitoring cameras captured footage of one of the few remaining feral horses on the island on February 13 this year.

"Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service continues to monitor for feral horses on K'gari and will consider options for their removal in line with the park's management plan," a spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Science said.

The island has about 35 motion activated cameras on the island, intended to record dingo behaviour and provide information about interaction between dingoes.

The continued presence of the wild horses on the island was first discovered in 2014.

About 200 wild horses lived on Fraser Island in the 1900s after they were introduced in the 1800s.

But in the 1980s the horses were targeted for removal and in 2003, dozens were removed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Until 2014, it was assumed there were no horses left on the island.

In 2016, the department had also received a report of eight feral horses that had been spotted by a tourism officer north of Moon Point.

Last year there was an anecdotal report from a member of the public regarding a sighting of the horses, but no indication of an exact date or location.