Buccaneers player Brad Mitchell in action for the seniors last season. The club won't field any seniors teams this year.
Buccaneers player Brad Mitchell in action for the seniors last season. The club won't field any seniors teams this year. Alistair Brightman

Buccaneers out of seniors competition for now

FOOTBALL: There will be no Wide Bay Buccaneers playing senior football this season in the Football Queensland Premier League.

Football Queensland earlier tonight made an announcement that the Buccaneers will not field an under-18, under-20 or open men's team this season.

The club in seniors has struggled since entering the competition, failing to win any matches in open men and only winning one point overall in the three competitions.

The Buccaneers also struggled for players in all three competitions and were forced to forfeit matches in under-18s last season, which led to the side withdrawing.

Football Queensland in a statement said it had been working closely with Football Queensland Wide Bay to make sure the club could field all seven sides in the FQPL.

The juniors sides in under-13, under-14, under-15 and under-16 started playing three weeks ago.

Under the new arrangement the juniors will continue from U13 to U16 but not continue in seniors.

But this isn't permanent.

FQ and FQWB have organised for the Buccaneers to return in 2020 with an U18 side before returning to full senior competition with U20s and opens in 2021 in the FQPL.

"The Wide Bay Buccaneers' junior program has been hugely successful, and we want to continue supporting the development of youth in the Wide Bay region because these players are likely to move into the senior program in the coming years," Football Queensland CEO Richard Griffiths said in the statement.

The Buccaneers, according to them, had 12 players signed up to play in open men this season.

FQ Wide Bay and Buccaneers president Stuart Taylor said the decision was made in the best interests of the club to make sure the team survived into the future.

He admits the decision was tough but was confident the youth program could potentially deliver strong seniors in the future.

"We are confident the program and culture we have created in the youth space will flourish into a strong senior program in the long term," Taylor said.

The Buccaneers seniors in open lost all 24 matches in the first and only season so far conceding 140 goals in the process.

The side also lost to Doon Villa in the FFA Cup qualifying rounds.

It is unclear what will happen to the players that were set to play for the team this season.

More to come.