Wide Bay Buccaneers player John Cullen prepares to cross the ball.
Wide Bay Buccaneers player John Cullen prepares to cross the ball. Shane Jones

Buccs enjoy element of surprise in Knights clash

WIDE Bay Buccaneers will have the element of surprise when they travel to Bundamba on Sunday.

The newest Football Queensland Premier League club will face Ipswich Knights in the third round of the revamped competition.

An opening round four-goal loss to Holland Park Hawks is the only game the Buccaneers have played to date, but coach Tim Lunnon said it was exactly what he expected for the new club.

"As a unit, we know coming together as a brand new club with players from six or seven clubs it's going to take a few weeks for everyone to play together the way we play,” Lunnon said.

"They've all had different coaches and different playing styles.”

Ipswich Knights captain Dale Robinson said the Buccaneers' status as the new club on the FQPL block would not change how they play.

"I don't know too much about them, which is probably a good thing,'' Robinson said of the FQPL newcomers.

"Our mentality shouldn't change towards who we are playing. We should go out there and try to give our best performance that we can.''

Both will enter the clash off a 5-1 loss to Holland Park Hawks.

Three of those goals came from Hawks striker Marek Madle, who repeated that effort in Holland Park's 5-1 win against the Knights at Whites Hill Reserve.

The Buccaneers, who enjoyed a week courtesy of the bye, are able to use Holland Park as a measuring stick for where their club should be.

"They play the team we'll play the week beforehand so it gives us a good gauge,” Lunnon said.

"There's some very good clubs and teams in there. Holland Park, they certainly deserved (the 5-1 win).

"(The players) looked at the game and thought there were some soft goals. There's a few things we can do better next time.

"We look at the game against Holland Park and we believe where we can get to, and we believe we can compete with that club.”

Lunnon said the Buccaneers would enter Sunday's clash with a goal to return home with their first competition points.

"Ipswich looks pretty similar on paper so it's a good match-up for us,” Lunnon said.

"It's only our third game in entirety where other clubs have had about six weeks of friendlies. We're looking to get some points this week.”