MANY of us have probably wished we could change our names at various points - but one Childers man is taking it a step further than most by drawing some inspiration from a Dr Seuss poem.

Robert Springer said he decided to go by a different moniker about six months ago when he realised his passport was up for renewal soon.

A huge Dr Seuss fan, he seized on a name in a poem by the famous writer, called Too Many Daves, in which a mother's 23 sons all have the same name and she wishes she had given them interesting titles such as Oliver Boliver Butt and Zanzibar Buck-Buck.

And so Mr Springer's new identity of Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFizz was born.

"I've changed it. I just want to stand out, be a bit different. It's a name you won't forget," he said.

"When I tell people, everyone has a bit of a giggle and they say, 'You can't be serious,'" he said.

"But I am."

Mr Springer said he had told some people in Hervey Bay where he operates a stall at the Pier Park Markets about his plans and they were already starting to call him Zanzibar.

"I'm not going to have any regrets whatsoever," he said.

Robert's wife of 10 years, Jo Springer, says she loves the idea.

He's daring to be different," she said. Mr Springer says he looks forward to the time when police pull him over and ask his name.