JESSICA Higgins came home from work to find a bird cage toppled over and nothing left of her beloved budgies except a trail of feathers.

"I was pretty shattered, heartbroken and angry," the Burnett Heads woman said.

Ms Higgins believes the culprit is a black staffordshire terrier that has jumped the fence into her yard for the last five months and says Bundaberg Regional Council didn't do enough to prevent the killing.

"It's the only dog that knows how to jump our fence and it's here every day," she said, showing a photo of the stocky staffy clambering over the 1.4m high fence.

"We've called the pound and the council millions of times and the owners have been fined, but they just don't care.

"They got an electric fence and electric collar (for a time) but they've given up and stopped trying. We call them up every night. They come and pick him up and they just laugh."

She was relieved her alexandrine and blue ringneck parrots weren't around at the time but says her sister, who has a toddler, is concerned for her son's safety.

"He's never been aggressive in any way - I think he just wants to play - but he rips apart our yard and our dog food tins that we leave outside, and sets off our dogs every night," she said.

Ms Higgins' two dogs are kept in an enclosure down the side of the house following an attack on one of them by another stray dog more than a year ago.

Calls to the pound about the rogue staffy have been fruitless as staff advise her to catch the dog.

But the canine, Houdini, leaps the fence before the family can catch him.

They have also copped flak for the dog's behaviour from other neighbours.

Ms Higgins said she's exhausted all avenues she has.

"We've tried," she said. "We're fighting an endless battle."

The NewsMail contacted the council for comment late yesterday but they were unable to respond by deadline.