Builder’s extraordinary lengths to dodge QBCC

A 'PREMIER' home builder who owed $50,000 to subcontractors has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid contact with the peak building watchdog.

John O'Sullivan, to operated Absolute Homes at Gladstone, is understood to have cut his phone lines, changed license plates and moved houses to avoid answering questions about money owed to contractors.

A spokesman for the QBCC confirmed it had received complaints from subcontractors over the past month that they were owed about $50,000.

"We commenced inquiries and found the licensee was uncontactable," he said.

It is understood Mr O'Sullivan has changed his car license plates and moved from his home.

The QBCC suspended Mr O'Sullivan's building license without notice on January 13.

"The QBCC's goal is to see everyone get paid in full and on time for the work they do," the spokesman said.

"The company now has 21 days to bring them into compliance with the law."

Absolute Homes owner John O'Sullivan has been uncontactable after owing subcontractors $50,000.
Absolute Homes owner John O'Sullivan has been uncontactable after owing subcontractors $50,000.

Absolute Homes won best home and best bathroom at the 2016 Master Builders Central Queensland Housing and Construction awards.

According to its now shutdown website, Absolute Homes offered 'dream homes' at an affordable and accessible price.

"No matter where you're building in Gladstone, deal directly with the regions premier residential builder and keep abreast of the exciting construction process," it said.

Over the last two financial years the QBCC has investigated 2273 money-owed complaints, with more than $11.8 million recovered for creditors.



Since the service started in 2014, the QBCC has investigated almost 5000 complaints and recovered more than $29.1 million for creditors.

"Any homeowner or subcontractor who believes a licensee has caused them financial harm, or who has a complaint about a licensee's behaviour, should contact the QBCC as soon as possible," the spokesman said.