Principal of RE/MAX Precision Scott Mackey.
Principal of RE/MAX Precision Scott Mackey. PAUL BEUTEL

Real estate boss busts myth about best time to sell

THINKING of selling in the cooler months?

One of the greatest myths in real estate is that when the cooler months arrive, buyers suddenly disappear.

RE/MAX Precision Principal Scott Mackey said in the Bundaberg region the opposite happens.

"Buying during the winter season can provide some hidden benefits for purchasers," Mr Mackey said.

"One of those benefits can be that you are generally seeing the home at its coldest, darkest and the most unflattering time of the year.

"This means that homes that provide lots of natural light and are well-ventilated will become much more obvious to buyers when entering a potential home for themselves."

Motivation to buy doesn't freeze during this time so owners shouldn't delay listing their property during the cooler months.

The demand for property generally does not change significantly as it does in say climates that attract snow that would reduce visibility.

That is why there is a big push and a lot of hype for spring and summer selling.

This marketing push is predominantly in areas like in ACT, Tasmania lower Victoria for example.

"We do however have buyers from those markets generally more active in our winter as is the warmer area for buyers in those areas and we have seen many more buyers having dual residences or holiday homes in different climates," Mr Mackey said.

"With our coastal regions featured as a retirement spot this could be the time for you to have a discussion with us about your property."