A Bundaberg mother had a surprise arrival without knowing she was pregnant.
A Bundaberg mother had a surprise arrival without knowing she was pregnant.

Bundy mum gives birth without knowing she was pregnant

A BUNDABERG mum has shared the incredible story of how she gave birth without having any idea she was pregnant until the last minute.

The proud mother, who wished to remain anonymous, told the NewsMail she had no clue she was pregnant despite having had children previously.

"I hadn't gained any weight, I had no morning sickness and didn't feel any movements," she said.

It was only when the woman had back pain and was having trouble walking that she went to the hospital to investigate.

It was then she found out a new baby was on the way.

"My mum and nan went out and bought the essentials while I was in hospital," she said of the sudden arrival.

The woman said the little boy's siblings doted on him.

"(They were) very excited to meet him and still adore and fuss over him," she said.

The mum said the family was doing well.

"I never thought it would happen to me, ever," she said.

Babies being born without knowledge of pregnancy is highly rare, but not unheard of and is referred to as a cryptic or stealth pregnancy.

In November last year, a Melbourne fashion model made headlines when she gave birth unexpectedly on a bathroom floor.

Erin Langmaid showed no signs of pregnancy - she did not feel sick, had no cravings and had no baby bump.

It took just 10 minutes for her to give birth to her daughter on a bathroom floor.

While some women have no suspicions at all they're pregnant, health experts say even ultrasounds and pregnancy tests can prove inconclusive if there are certain factors involved including fluctuating hormones, uterus shape and position and technical issues with ultrasound gear.