IN CUSTODY: Zoey Frances McCoombes stole a socket set from Bunnings.
IN CUSTODY: Zoey Frances McCoombes stole a socket set from Bunnings. Contributed

Bunnings thief jailed after pushing her luck too far

ZOEY Frances McCoombes really should have known better than to break the law the day after she was granted parole.

But that's just what she did during a visit to Bunnings North Rockhampton on September 17.

McCoombes and an accomplice were captured in CCTV footage stuffing a socket set each down the front of their pants before leaving the store without attempting to pay for the items.

The next day, declined to be interviewed by police, failed in the following seven days to attend the police station for further questioning, forcing police to visited her property on October 11 where she told them she "forgotten to attend".

Mother of two McCoombes, 31, found herself in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, pleading to guilty to one count of stealing and another of contravening a direction or requirement of police.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Shaun Janes said McCoombes three page criminal history was filled with other matters of dishonesty and most recently, crimes of wilful damage and breach of a protection order, before being freed on a parole release order in September.

Defence Lawyer Samantha Legrady said the order was granted given there were mental health and well-being concerns which McCoombes needed assessing and that she needed ongoing care and assistance.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke was not receptive to Defence Lawyer Samantha Legrady's suggestion of a fine or a term of imprisonment with a wholly suspended sentence.

"She's got an extensive criminal history, she was given the benefit of immediate parole release and re-offended the following day," Mr Clarke said.

"My inclination is she's just got to go to prison. She's been given her chance and she's blown it, I'm sorry but time's run out."

He ordered that she be kept in custody until Friday morning when he had decided on an appropriate penalty.

As Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Shaun Janes went to lead her off to a holding cell, a male supporter in the public gallery sought to address the court on behalf of McCoombes but was quickly shutdown by the magistrate.