PLANS RECEIVED: Councillors at their ordinary meeting yesterday.
PLANS RECEIVED: Councillors at their ordinary meeting yesterday. Blake Antrobus

Business case survives, but council yet to adopt plan

THE business case for the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct has survived the council meeting, but the council is yet to adopt the plan.

Yesterday's council motion only recommended the council receive the business plan and note its contents, rather than adopting or rejecting the proposal. It means the business case will likely return to another council meeting later this year.

The motion to receive the plan was carried 6-3, with councillors Denis Chapman, Rolf Light and James Hansen voted against the motion.

Councillor Stuart Taylor left the room for the discussion and vote due to declaring a conflict of interest earlier in the meeting.

The long-awaited business case reveals two separate design options, one with the construction of a commercial clubhouse, the other a 10,000 person stadium to host major sporting games and competitions.

Under the proposal to build the stadium, the cost of the precinct's construction could balloon to about $75 million. About $11.3 million has already been allocated for stage one of the project.

Deputy mayor Darren Everard said the project constantly going back and forth in council was "horrendous” for the community.

"There is a demonstrated need for this project that has been identified since 2006... the community of Hervey Bay has grown, and we need to supply the sporting fields,” Cr Everard said.

"The community deserves it, and we cannot afford to miss out on any further opportunities.

But councillor Denis Chapman said there was no detail in the plan, saying he wanted the plan to lay on the table until public consultation.

"We don't know if we'll build a stadium or clubhouses, it's all over the shop,” Cr Chapman said.

"Until we get a geniune, detailed plan, showing what matches up, I find it very hard to accept because it's wishy-washy.”