STRUCK DOWN: Huge trees were destroyed along the foreshore in the wild weather on Friday night.
STRUCK DOWN: Huge trees were destroyed along the foreshore in the wild weather on Friday night. Valerie Horton

Fraser Coast still not clear of floods

THE Fraser Coast is on flood watch as water levels in the Burrum and Mary rivers rise after hundreds of millimetres of rainfall in the region.

A minor flood warning was issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for the town of Howard as the Burrum River levels rose to 5.81 metres by just after noon yesterday.

A BOM spokesperson said rainfall totals of between 40 and 70mm were recorded across the Burrum River catchment in just 24 hours from the weekend's showers and storms.

On top of that, more rainfall up to about 40mm was recorded across parts of the catchment before noon yesterday.

BOM meteorologist Mark Trendoren said the wet weather and thunderstorms were not over.

"The weather pattern isn't changing too much," Mark said.

"The warm, humid air mass is bringing on these heavy showers and thunderstorms."

He added while flooding of the Mary was unlikely at this stage, people living in low-lying areas should adhere to updated flood warnings and remain alert.

"There's a reason why a flood warning has gone up," he said.

"We advise people check the BOM website regularly for updates."

Fraser Coast Regional Council disaster planning coordinator Mal Churchill said he and his team were watching the water levels closely, but flash flooding was more of a concern for residents at the current time.

"Any creek has the potential of flooding," Mr Churchill said.

"People living in areas subject to flash-flooding should keep an eye out and be vigilant."

He said his team was focusing on the Mary River catchment areas south of the Fraser Coast, as that was where this region's river flood waters usually came from.

"For the Mary, we've got to wait to see what happens down in the hinterland, that's where a lot of flood waters come from, but this time it's from side creeks too, so we're keeping an eye on that also," he said.

"(The rain) is moving down into the Gympie country now, and we watch that very closely, because that's frequently where our floods come, but we're going to look at the Burrum and the Cherwell for places further north like Howard."

Mr Churchill said the gates of Lenthalls Dam had been opened after the water levels rose to 26.24m by 10am yesterday.