Butcher bird catches snake, skins it on clothes peg

BUNDABERG woman Helen Amos snapped a rare sight when she photographed a butcher bird making a meal of a snake on her washing line.

Proving that Australian animals are incredibly resourceful, the little bird appears to have skinned the unfortunate snake on a clothes peg.

Mrs Amos said she spotted the act in her yard at Tantitha, North Bundaberg.

"I was in our bathroom and heard a tapping noise outside the window," she said.

"The butcher bird was finishing off the snake on the rock edging of our garden.


"He then flew up to the clothes line with it, laid it over the peg and started skinning it."

Mrs Amos said the butcher bird didn't have a care in the world as it gulped down its meal.

"He didn't even seemed worried I was so close taking the pics," she said.


"Then when he was finished, he had it in his beak, hopped towards me, kinda like he was showing me, then flew off."

Mrs Amos said it was amazing to watch it and share the experience with others.

"So glad I seen him fly to the line with it though, if I hadn't of seen that and went to get the washing off I'm sure I would of had more washing to do," she said.