Christine Royan (Sec. Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation).
Christine Royan (Sec. Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation). Alistair Brightman

BUTCHULLA: 'Bring our dingoes back where they belong'

A MEMBER of the Butchulla community is requesting that two dingoes descended from Fraser Island's lineage are brought back from a zoo in the United Kingdom.

Christine Royan, secretary of the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation, said a full investigation into where the dingoes had been sourced was necessary.

She said the Butchulla people were concerned that dingoes were being removed from the island.

"They are different to other dingoes, they are pure bred dingoes," she said.

A spokesman from the Department of Environment and Science said it had been unable to verify the zoo's claims of the dogs' heritage.

"Dingoes on Fraser Island are protected. Under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 significant penalties apply for the unauthorised taking of, or interference with dingoes on the island," he said.

"The department is investigating this matter and, if necessary, will consider if any further action is required."