BUYERS BITING: Why now is a good time to sell your home

THE Fraser Coast has seen an increase in distressed property listings, according to real estate website Domain.

But that's not what local real estate agents are reporting.

An analysis of Domain listings revealed about 4.9 per cent of listings on the Fraser Coast were classified as urgent.

On the Gold Coast, 5.5 per cent of properties were classed as "distressed" or urgent sales.

It was the worst-hit area in Queensland, the difficulty some in the regions were facing made clear by the fact that in other areas, urgent sales were below 1.1 per cent.

"Those areas that are hardest hit will be those that rely on tourism and hospitality, like southeast Queensland," Domain senior research analyst Dr Nicola Powell said.

"We are now seeing many properties changing from holiday lets to the long-term residential market, but some landlords who don't have a cash flow are considering selling."

Tom Hagan from Maryborough's PRD Nationwide said he hadn't noticed any significant increase in urgent house sales.

In fact, he was having the opposite problem - a lot of people were choosing not to sell given the current concerns about property prices and the coronavirus.

Mr Hagan said those fears were currently unfounded and real estate agents were scrambling for listings as there were currently more potential buyers than homes.

"There is a reluctance from people to put their house on the market.

"But there is a good window of opportunity now to sell."

Kim Carter, principal at Hervey Bay's Carter-Cooper Realty, said she also hadn't seen many urgent sales.

She said in terms of value, properties on the Fraser Coast were so far holding their own.

Ms Carter is also keen to see more properties come onto the market.

She said it was a great time to sell - fewer houses meant less competition, Ms Carter said.