Caboolture's new entertainment hub

CABOOLTURE residents won't be at a loss for what to do this year thanks to an innovatively designed new entertainment precinct, The Caboolture Hub which officially opened to the public last month in the town's square.

Designed by Peddle Thorp with James Cubitt Architects, the $25 million project was funded by the Moreton Bay Regional Council to provide a cultural centrepiece to the region, the creative new building will provide residents with a place to escape with their favourite book, be inspired by works of art, gain a new hobby or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

Covering over 5,000 square meters and nestled alongside the Caboolture Town Square, the three level complex comprises a library, art gallery, learning centre and cafe, which Peddle Thorp's managing director Peter Gardiner said was carefully designed to place the town firmly on the cultural map.

"We've created a modern space that has the potential to become a focal point of the region.

"It will be the site of festivals, events, cultural displays and art showcases where people not just from Caboolture but from all over Queensland can come, learn, relax and be inspired."

Addressing the council's need to create a timeless public building that would complement and activate the town square and surrounding civic sites, The Caboolture Hub has been designed to be a flexible and adaptive space that will allow the community to express its own creativity.

"It's all about the user being able to interact with the venue.

"The art gallery has therefore not just been designed as an exhibition centre but includes workshops and studios where people can be inspired to create and potentially even display their own work. It has community display spaces as well as full Regional Gallery status, allowing major travelling exhibitions to be displayed," Mr Gardiner said.

Designed to connect, activate and complement the surrounding streets, part of the project has been to design the soon to be renovated Town Square. Extraordinary care was taken to ensure eco friendly materials and design principles were used in both the internal and external development of The Caboolture Hub.

Peddle Thorp and JCA's exterior design using elements of coloured concrete, bare-finished fibre cement panels and feature elements of zinc cladding with red zinc in particular used to create a soft and textured ambience. Natural light has been maximised throughout with a formal yet relaxed interior reminiscent of public libraries of yesteryear. 

This design philosophy of the exterior has been carried through to the interior with each major entertainment venue exuding a calming influence via the subdued colour palettes and soft furnishings that have been used and ensure visitors feel at home and at ease at all times.

"The building had to feel timeless and be a place that inspires creativity.

"We also wanted the spaces to flow, one to the other. The idea was to provide a seamless and exceptional experience."

However whilst cohesive in its overall design, each area still has its own identity. The library which covers the majority of the hub at 3,000 square meters allows for both interaction and reflection, with principal architect on the project, and associate director of Peddle Thorp, Brett Hudson, explaining how the design leverages off the building's location overlooking the serene Glass House Mountains.

"The space is simple and organic in both its form and detail. It's been designed to show off the dynamics of the changing light that develops during the day as the sun moves across the building."

In the art gallery more of an emphasis has been placed on making the space both vast and versatile with Peddle Thorp and JCA creating a blacked out ceiling above the display walls to create a sense of limitlessness, whilst timber floors add balance and generate warmth.

"We designed a gallery that could easily be adapted to house all different styles of exhibitions. This included developing a grid of mobile walls that would allow for simple reconfiguration and creating a smaller gallery space for multi-media displays," said Mr Hudson.

Completing The Caboolture Hub is the learning centre which not only includes a business centre but smaller more collaborative spaces and multi-media labs that have each been designed to support community and business activity and interaction.

The ideal location for families looking to spend time together engaging in fun-filled educational activities or the perfect solution for parents with restless kids looking for a safe place for a day's fun; no matter what the need, The Caboolture Hub promises to breathe new life into this fast growing community.

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