A police car in Woree, where police are investigating a suspicious death.
A police car in Woree, where police are investigating a suspicious death.

Crime scene declared as woman, 76, found dead in home

UPDATE: A NEIGHBOUR has reported seeing a shirtless man walking up a suburban Cairns driveway in the hours before the suspicious death of an elderly woman overnight.

Police have declared a crime scene at a Windarra St home after discovering a dead 76-year-old woman at the address about 6.30am.

A 43-year-old man - believed to be known to the woman - is assisting police with their inquiries as the investigation gets under way.

It was an eerie scene about 11am today with only a single police van near the corner of Windarra St and Leanne Cl, and no visible presence of officers.

No noise was coming from the property.

Only the sounds of passing cars and children playing on their morning tea break at the nearby St Gerard Majella Primary school could be heard.

Neighbours Emily Franklin and Charmaine Falla said the relative silence was strange to behold considering what allegedly occurred across the road in the preceding hours.

They were oblivious to the incident until receiving an early-morning doorknock from a police officer.

"I just woke up to a cop at the door - I didn't really expect anything," Ms Falla said.

"I was really quite suspicious because, you know, not hearing anything the night before and it all being quiet.

"It was one of the quietest nights I'd ever heard on the street, actually.

"It was surprising."

Ms Franklin said she had lived across the road from the scene of the alleged crime for more than two years but had never experienced anything like this morning's wake-up call.

The pair only knew the elderly lady well enough for a passing nod or wave.

"This is the craziest thing that's happened in this neighbourhood," Ms Franklin said.

"I'm just in shock that it's right across the bloody road.

"I couldn't believe it."

Neither of the housemates had any new information for police officers, although Ms Franklin said her partner - a night worker - had told her he saw a shirtless man walking up the property's driveway the night before.

She said police were going to return to interview him this morning after he had slept.

"I'll be waking him up to see if he heard anything, because he was up later than we were," she said.

Ms Falla added: "We do get some creepy ones in the neighbourhood."



Earlier: POLICE are investigating the suspicious death of a woman overnight in Woree.

At 6.30am today, police declared a crime scene at an address on Windarra St where they had located a 76-year-old woman deceased.

Police say a 43-year-old Woree man is assisting with their inquiries.

The man and woman are known to each other.


Police say investigations into the death are ongoing and no further information is available at this time.

A single police van is set up near the corner of Windarra St and Leanne Cl.

The home is just a few hundred metres from St Mary's Catholic College and St Gerard Majella Primary School and a short walk from Woree State High School.

There was no noise coming from the home at about 11am - just the sounds of children playing on their morning tea break at the nearby primary school.