Manunda woman Karlina Saint runs an Airbnb to promote veganism. PICTURE: JACK LAWRIE
Manunda woman Karlina Saint runs an Airbnb to promote veganism. PICTURE: JACK LAWRIE

Why this Airbnb can only be rented by vegans

KARLINA Saint has been a vegan for six years - and she has a clever plan to get more people to join her.

The Manunda woman runs a vegan Airbnb and is strict about who she lets through the door.

"I encourage people who stay with me to be vegan, but I'm not totally dogmatic," she said.

"I'm not there to convert people, but if they were eating animal products under my roof I would feel like I was supporting the meat industry."

The room in her home is rented out for about $180 per week.

Ms Saint also stipulates that anybody staying with her in her home "must love dogs".

She told the Cairns Post that her goal for non-vegan guests was to make vegan food accessible to them.


"People understand that if they're going to stay with me they have to give veganism a shot while they're here," she said.

"Usually the people who come are already curious about the lifestyle. They're people who have health issues or are already having that internal moral debate.

"I'm a 95 per cent raw vegan, and so when they come I'd ask what kind of food they like. If they're Thai, I'll do Thai food. I want them to enjoy their food."

It's worked wonders so far.

"I've had some really big success stories," she said. "Most people stay for at least a week.

"A lot of these people aren't connected with their food. They're not trying to be a-holes, they just don't know where their food comes from. I help them understand that connection."

But Ms Saint said she knew the lifestyle wasn't for everyone.

"When I became vegan it polarised a lot of my friends. I know that it can be confronting to many people," she said.

"But I've also made many new friends through being vegan and have been blessed to be involved in other friends transitioning from being carnivorous to vegan."


What is a Vegan?

 Vegans follow a plant-based diet that does not include meat, dairy, eggs or other animal-based products.  Veganism is often adopted for health reasons, but is also commonly followed for environmental or moral reasons.