Call to ban ‘death sentence’ lids

A "distressing photo" has prompted a resident north of Brisbane to rally up support behind a ban of a particular type of lid used for takeaway drinks, labelling them a "death sentence" to wildlife.

Wendy Wallin said the image of a native corella with its head stuck in a plastic lid "spoke volumes".

"I wonder how many other birds, reptiles, marine life and small creatures are suffering the same cruel fate in silence and fear that we don't see," Ms Wallin said.

"This little bird obviously took a drink from a discarded takeaway drink container and got his head caught in the plastic dome lid as he pulled back. Imagine the terror of that moment.

"The distressing photo was captured in a friends garden.

Corella spotted in a Deception Bay garden has prompted a petition to ban plastic dome lids.
Corella spotted in a Deception Bay garden has prompted a petition to ban plastic dome lids.

"On my daily walks, I often find littered on my local beach, hazardous fishing line and deadly discarded takeaway containers, including these plastic dome lid nooses and many solid ring seals from under plastic caps.

"The risk doesn't only lie in these nooses being trapped around the neck of a poor creature, they also resemble jelly fish in the water. These items are lethal to all wildlife.

"Not only are they a death sentence, it would be a painfully slow horrible starvation or choking death."

Ms Wallin had reached just under 800 signatures at the time of print and has a goal of reaching more than 1000.

Redcliffe Environmental Forum vice president Geoffrey Redman said he supported the petition to ban plastic dome lids.

"It's a common issue to see various plastic things, including those dome lids, stuck around birds necks," Mr Redman said.

Mr Redman said birds who wound up with their heads stuck in plastic lids or rings would often die as a result of the litter.

"We have been through the council straw ban and we will hopefully move on to banning plastic cups and lids too," he said.

"I definitely support the petition."

To sign the petition, visit http://chng.it/w82TGW9TDp