Calling all seniors, we are here to listen to you

CALLING all seniors who have an opinion and would like to share your view with other like-minded readers.

The Seniors Newspaper group - run by seniors for seniors - wants to hear what you have to say.

The newspaper group is devoting two pages in each of its five publications - the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, Brisbane, the Gold Coast/Tweed and Toowoomba - to let you have your say in our new letters to the editor columns.

You might want to give someone a pat on the back for being neighbourly and helpful or put your view on something you feel strongly about.

You can email acting editor Gavin Northey with your letter to the editor; you can withhold your name and use a nom de plume instead if you wish (but we will need your name and contact details to verify authenticity and in case we need to contact you).

Keep your letters to about eight paragraphs in length please.

We are waiting to hear from you … so start writing to: editor@seniorsnewspaper.com.au.