Lilah Rose, 5 Josiah, 11 and Elisha 8.
Lilah Rose, 5 Josiah, 11 and Elisha 8.

Mum says kids need to lose ‘sense of entitlement’

CALLIOPE mother of three Elizabeth Orr believe kids and teenagers nowadays are becoming too entitled and have lost their sense of compassion. It's why she and her family are becoming 'World Changers'.

It's a little group so far, just her and her husband Stu, and their her kids Josiah, 11, Elisha, 8, Lilah-Rose, 5, but they're raising big money for charities. And, at the same time, learning a valuable lesson.

Mrs Orr says the only way for kids to start 'seeing outside their own needs' and become involved with the community, is to have them actively involved in giving back at a young age.

Next on the calendar for this Christian family is to ride the last 30km of the Tour de Chaplain ride on July 23, finishing in Yarwun, raising funds for a charity that looks after children in need.

They're hoping Gladstone residents can get on board with the cause.


The Orr Family
The Orr Family

"The biggest issues that confront our kids nowadays is this high achieving society, we are pushing our kids too hard and we have started to lose the point," Mrs Orr said.

"We don't want our kids to have an empty meaningless life, get a job, make money and then just die.

"We want our kids to step it up in life, do something that will make a difference in the world."

Mrs Orr said it was easy enough to 'just hand over money' to a charity, and believes the only time you are really giving is if that gift is going to hurt.


Elizabeth Orr's children wearing the World Changers shirts, who are fundraising for a charity that helps kids in need.
LITTLE HELPERS: Elisha, 8 Josiah, 11 and Lilah-Rose, 5 wearing the World Changers shirts, fundraising for a charity that helps kids in need. Elizabeth Orr

"Whether it hurts your wallet financially if you're handing over quite a large sum of money, or physically if you're doing something like a bike ride to raise money; it only counts if it hurts," she said.

"Right now, just raising money and handing it over to a charity means nothing to my kids, they aren't paying, my husband and I are, and the lesson really isn't being learnt," she said.

"But a 30km bike ride hurts, it's something they can feel and a real goal they have to achieve, and at the end of it they will have given something valuable back."

Mrs Orr said its important for kids at a young age to see just how privileged they are. "We constantly are saying to our kids, 'Do you have a roof over your head, do you have warm clothes, are you eating regular meals?' to get that message across," she said.

"Honestly, this generation of kids that we are breeding are lacking emotional intelligence and have this sense of needing instant gratification. They are strong words to use, but as you look around, it is there."

Be a world changer

Mrs Orr hopes to one day see kids across Gladstone wearing the World Changers shirts too.

"Wouldn't that be amazing?" she said.

"To see that many kids in society wanting to make a real difference, it would just be a dream of mine."

The business owner, wife and mother knows it can be hard to make time to fundraise and train, but says she and her family make it a priority.

"You make time for it just like you would with anything important, and it brings us together as a family," she said.

"The other week when we were getting torrential rain, my family were out riding in that (training for the bike ride), it was quite amazing actually to see that dedication when we couldn't even see a metre in front of us."

"Don't get me wrong, Gladstone does a lot of fundraising and it's good to see kids involved when they are; but we need to see more of it; which is what I'm hoping World Changers can achieve."

Mrs Orr said while she is starting small in her own backyard with her own family, she would love to see residents get on board with World Changers by donating or even joining.

"People can either donate at the tin at my workplace, at Physiotherapy and Acupuncture on 35 Toolooa St or directly into the account we have set up."

How to donate:

Account Name: Elizabeth Orr.

BSB: 014541.

Account no: 526268175.