Candidates have their final say as polls open

CANDIDATES will spend today at polling booths across the region in an effort to net the undecided voters heading toward the ballot box.

The four-week campaign will come to an end at 6pm tonight as Electoral Commission of Queensland officers begin the count.

Several announcements have come from Member for Maryborough Anne Maddern - but how many of those projects will be funded if she's not elected, remains uncertain.

The seat is believed to come down to the wire as Ms Maddern fends off challenges from several candidates, all within a shot of winning the electorate.

Ms Maddern has asked voters to consider her record of delivery for Maryborough.

"The choice is between an LNP member and team who have costed and will deliver their commitments such as the CT Scanner for the hospital, Labor who have no plan and have made no commitments to the Maryborough Electorate and the independent and minor parties who have no capacity to delivery anything," she said.

Labor's Bruce Saunders has spent the past four weeks doorknocking and spending time at the pre-polling booth in a typical grass-roots campaign.

"Voting Labor will mean you're putting Maryborough first," he said.

As the election was announced on January 5, Independent challenger Chris Foley was caught on the hop, boarding a plane for holidays to Melbourne.

However he cut the holiday short, returning to launch his campaign only days later.

The Palmer United Party's advertising blitz in the final days of the campaign follows several visits from the party's big names.

Queensland leader John Bjelke-Petersen made two visits to the Fraser Coast, while Senators Glen Lazarus and Dio Wang made one each.

Maryborough's PUP candidate Steve Anderson said a vote for him meant change.

"It is a vote that has strength and integrity to back it up," he said.

Riding on the back of Pauline Hanson's popularity, candidate Damian Huxham has described himself as a dark horse.

"We've heard the same rhetoric from the major parties, who all appear to have made Mary Poppins promises.

"No amount of sugar will make the LNP or Labor's medicine go down." any easier with locals."

Greens candidate Katherine Webb and Independent Russell Wattie are also contesting the seat.

In Hervey Bay, MP Ted Sorensen has been mostly quiet throughout the campaign, but he promised several intersection upgrades should he be re-elected.

Labor's candidate Tony Gubbins urged voters to "vote early and vote Labor for a fresh start for Hervey Bay."

Independent Jannean Dean said if she was elected she'd be "walking the talk."

While the PUP's Lyn Pearsall focussed on retaining assets "for our children and grandchildren."

The region's youngest candidate, 24-year-old Axel Beard said he would be an independent voice for the bay.

"Opportunity candidate" The Greens' Kristen Lyons asked residents to "make a stand for your community and your environment."