Police performing forensic tests on the stolen care taken from a young Torquay family last night and recovered at a Urangan address today.
Police performing forensic tests on the stolen care taken from a young Torquay family last night and recovered at a Urangan address today. Cody Fox

Car stolen from driveway, gone in 20 seconds

A YOUNG family endured a devastating 24 hours after their car containing irreplaceable memories of their baby daughter was stolen from their driveway.

Police located the vehicle, which had been rummaged and stripped of its plates, in a Urangan garage this afternoon.

The Chronicle understands one man has been arrested in relation to the theft and two other men fled the Orchid Ave address where the car was found.

On Saturday night, father Tom Trevaskis, 20, did every-thing in his power to stop an alleged thief from stealing the family car.

Mr Trevaskis left the black Kia Optima unattended in his Torquay home driveway for 20 seconds when an alleged opportunistic thief struck last night.


New parents Liz Coy with partner Tom Tervaskis and their daughter Melia.
New parents Liz Coy with partner Tom Trevaskis and their daughter Melia. Photo by Blue Skye Photography

Mother Liz Coy, 18, told the Chronicle her partner had dashed inside to give her and their seven-month-old daughter a kiss before he started his shift at an aged care home.

"The car has no actual key and starts when the electronic key is near it," Ms Coy said.

"Unfortunately as he went inside, he left the keys in the car.

"He wasn't in the house 20 seconds before we heard the car rev outside."

Mr Trevaskis ran outside and found a man in the driver's seat.

He then attempted to punch in his car's window while the male reversed out of the driveway.

As the alleged thief struggled to put the car into gear, Mr Trevaskis was dragged beside the car and was eventually forced to let go.

Inside was their daughter Melia's health record book, baby bag and first toy as well as the couple's wallets which were among the items in the stolen black Kia Optima when it was taken from their driveway.

Liz Coy and Tom Tervaskis's car which was stolen on Saturday night
Liz Coy and Tom Trevaskis's car which was stolen on Saturday night.

"We couldn't replace the baby things but we could replace everything else," Ms Coy said.

"Things like Melia's newborn weights and measurements and the first toy I bought her while I was pregnant.

"Thankfully we have recovered everything, although oddly we can't find the baby wipes from the baby bag."

The couple brought the car a year and a half ago for about $16,000 to "invest in their family".

Ms Coy said early Sunday morning her bank had been attempted to be hacked multiple times.

"I'm scared to be at home alone now," she said.

"We just moved to this street two weeks ago and the dog has been going crazy in the yard like there was someone there.

"I thought she was just adjusting to the new place at the time but now I think the man would have been inside our fence on our property to get inside the car so quickly.

"He had probably been watching us."

Ms Coy said a member of the public called in a tip to the police.

The family thanked the police and public for their help finding the car and the precious items it had inside.