Rachelle Pitt, acting director of research and innovation.
Rachelle Pitt, acting director of research and innovation. Contributed

Career and family a juggling act for hospital researcher

THERE is no white lab coat, microscope or petri dish in sight in Rachelle Pitt's office - instead West Moreton Health's acting director of research and innovation surrounds herself with pictures her children have drawn and items that make her happy.

The critical-thinking mum of four boys juggles being a part of a team spearheading the development of the local health service's growing research opportunities with a busy home life, drawing inspiration from women and clinicians around her and from unexpected moments.

As the acting director of research and innovation, a speech pathologist, a research supervisor with the University of Queensland School of Health and Behavioural Sciences, and with an adjunct appointment at UQ, the little things matter both in everyday life and in research. Dr Pitt says she now maintains the realistic attitude that she can't always be everything to everyone.

"I have learnt to lower my expectations of myself and I find one thing every day that makes me happy and I write about it," Dr Pitt said.

"There's a quote that says, 'you should always stay where there is the most opportunity', and I think the most opportunity is here," Dr Pitt said.

"Research matters in the public health service because the clinicians and researchers on the front line understand their patients and the conditions they are treating - they are focused on real needs and look at the whole person and how we can make sure the care we provide is of the highest quality."

"We're really on the cusp of something great in West Moreton Health - there's a real appetite from clinicians here to improve care and I'm always impressed by their passion."