AT TRAINING: Carlton’s Jack Martin at Ikon Park. (Photo by Con Chronis/Getty Images).
AT TRAINING: Carlton’s Jack Martin at Ikon Park. (Photo by Con Chronis/Getty Images).

Carlton to grow form on Coast

AFL: While it was tough going last season, Carlton's younger talents reaped plenty of rewards and are in good stead for a strong campaign this year, head of football Brad Lloyd says.

Carlton, who arrive on the Sunshine Coast for a week-long camp on Sunday, ­finished 16th on the 18-team ladder last year, winning just seven of their 22 fixtures.

While the results were ­disappointing, Lloyd said there was plenty to be garnered from the campaign, with a young list growing their skillsets against elite company.

Carlton's youthful list includes the likes of Paddy Dow, Will Setterfield and Zac Fisher.

"We got a lot of games last year into some of the younger players so we feel this year we're becoming a more mature side and more experienced side off the back of last season," he said.

"We played a heap of footy into our core group last year so they're all going to be better for it.

"They've really developed their footy and grown physically so it holds us in good stead for this year."

The Blues arrive on the Coast tomorrow and Lloyd said there was plenty planned.

"We had a good camp last year and we thought the town and council really looked after us with the facilities and it's a great spot," he said.

"We'll work a lot on conditioning but also working through developing our game plan …

"It's (camp) really important, we like the timing and taking the players out of their normal environment and into a new environment.

"I think it's great from a mental health point of view to come in and get into an ­environment like Mooloolaba with beaches and surrounds."

He said many of the players had been putting in the hard yards and impressing so far this pre-season.

"I think there has been growth across the board," he said.

"Jack Martin has come back in really good shape. Patrick Cripps has done a big bulk of pre-season and Sam Walsh has really grown - he's growing his power and he's taking another step.

"Will Setterfield is having a good pre-season too and some of the younger ones like Paddy Dow are travelling well over summer.

"There's plenty of positives."