A qualified carpenter who tried his luck at a different trade was told he should be ashamed of himself. (File)
A qualified carpenter who tried his luck at a different trade was told he should be ashamed of himself. (File) Pxhere

Carpenter seeks second chance after crime disaster

A CARPENTER'S catastrophic drug relapse and decision to sell ice put him at risk of going to jail this week.

But lawyers for Gympie man Daniel Curtis Bryers said the young man's work ethic was among good reasons to give him another chance.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Bryers, 27, cited a painful motorcycle accident and later job redundancy as factors in his drug abuse.

Bryers managed to beat his ice habit once, but the next time was much harder.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one count of drug possession and 13 drug supply charges.

Defence counsel Kim Bryson said Bryers needed surgery for his accident and was off work a few months.

He returned to work and stopped using ice.

But then he was laid off, resumed the bad habit, and couldn't seem to quit.

"He found it much harder and his addiction was much stronger," Ms Bryson said.

Prosecutors said police found incriminating text messages and Bryers was a street-level dealer for about four months.

He was charged for six offers to supply ice, and seven actual supplies.

Police nabbed him after raiding a house and finding a bag that Bryers stashed under a car.

The court heard Bryers was now drug free, had a supportive girlfriend, and had been working hard lately.

The defence also gave Justice Martin Burns several supportive references.

The judge still had the choice to send Bryers to jail but added: "What would that achieve? It would just send him spiralling backwards."

"The same could be said in every case," a prosecutor said.

"But I wasn't the judge in every case," Justice Burns replied.

The judge told Bryers ice caused great misery.

"You were peddling much suffering in the Gympie community and for that you should be ashamed."

Bryers nodded.

But the judge added: "You are a hard worker and now dedicated to making something of your life. All things considered, there is much hope for you."

Bryers was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail, but given immediate parole release.

Justice Burns warned him he would have to stay off drugs.

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