Police at border checkpoints in Coolangatta due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Pic: Adam Head
Police at border checkpoints in Coolangatta due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Pic: Adam Head

‘Catastrophic’: 20km traffic jam predicted at state border

AUTHORITIES are considering checking every travellers' ID coming into Queensland when the border opens next week, sparking fears of 20km traffic jams and two hour wait times.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest revealed options being considered in managing the border reopening included viewing travellers' identification and sighting mandatory declarations the traveller had not been in a Victorian hotspot area in the past two weeks.

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Earlier this week, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the Sunshine State's borders would open to all domestic travellers aside from Victorians on July 10.

"I hope it doesn't come to that but I am very concerned about the amount of congestion this will cause," Mr Provest said.

"My understanding is there will still be the existing checkpoints, one of the options explored was possibly adding more checkpoints but many are concerned about police staffing numbers to man these."

Mr Provest explained authorities were concerned about people lying about, or changing their address on declaration forms if travelling from a hotspot area.

"What about public transport? How can people travel anywhere on time if they sit in traffic for hours?" he said.

"It's evolving as we speak but we know there are well over 50,000 cars which head north and 30 per cent of the Tweed population work in Queensland and 15 per cent of our kids go to school there.

"If it comes to that it would be catastrophic for us.

"Once again the Queensland Premier has announced this and put in requirements with no idea about how it is going to work."

However Richmond MP Justine Elliot stood by the Queensland Premier.

"The Queensland Government is actively putting together a plan," she said

"To be fair it was only just announced. I would have to wait and see what is finally decided before condemning it. I have faith in the Queensland Police and I know the reason behind these measures are for public safety."