Actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Picture: AFP
Actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Picture: AFP

Zeta-Jones ‘devastated’ by sex allegations

CATHERINE Zeta-Jones admitted she was heartbroken when her husband Michael Douglas was accused of sexual misconduct.

"My children and I were profoundly devastated by those allegations," the 49-year-old Welsh actress told London newspaper The Times on Sunday. "And I was torn about where my absolute morals lie.

"This woman came out of nowhere and accused my husband. I had a very big conversation with him, with the kids in the room, and said, 'Do you understand if more comes out…'"

In January of this year, journalist Susan Braudy claimed that Douglas, 74, masturbated in front of her during a meeting in the late-1980s when she worked for his production company. In response, Douglas told Deadline that the allegation was "a complete lie, fabrication, no truth to it whatsoever".

"My kids are really upset, (and they have) to go to school worrying this is going to be in some article about me, being a sexual harasser," the actor said at the time. "They're scared and very uncomfortable …. I'm bewildered why, after 32 years, this is coming out, now."


Long-married couple Michael Douglas, left, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Picture: AP
Long-married couple Michael Douglas, left, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Picture: AP

Zeta-Jones and Douglas have been married since 2000. They share an 18-year-old son named Dylan and a 15-year-old daughter named Carys. Douglas is also the father of 39-year-old son Cameron from his previous marriage to Diandra Luker. That union lasted from 1977 until 2000.

Zeta-Jones, a public supporter of the #MeToo movement, added Douglas reassured her and their children that "there is no story here".

"There was nothing to back it up at all," she said. "For any accusation that comes out that isn't backed up, that knocks the movement back 20 years."

Braudy previously told The Hollywood Reporter that the Fatal Attraction star sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

Braudy claimed the Academy Award-winner, who was at the prime of his career, commented on her appearance and openly spoke about his affairs with actress Kathleen Turner and a European heiress. She alleged Douglas said inappropriate things to her.


Douglas responded to the allegations by also telling The Hollywood Reporter that Braudy's claims were "an unfortunate and complete fabrication".

However, Douglas "acknowledged inappropriate discussions but refuted her claim of a hostile workplace".

"Coarse language or overheard private conversations with my friends that may have troubled her are a far cry from harassment," Douglas said. "Suggesting so does a true disservice to those who have actually endured sexual harassment and intimidation."

Braudy told The Hollywood Reporter she was not "surprised Douglas came out swinging against her".

"I believe this is part of the problem, as is his pretext of victimisation," Braudy said. "These are some reasons why so many women don't come forward with their stories - Lord knows it's taken 30 years and a movement for me to gather my courage."


This story originally appeared on Fox News. Kathleen Joyce and the Associated Press contributed to the report.


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