MIRACLE: Gympie celebrates its 31-point victory against Hervey Bay Bombers.
MIRACLE: Gympie celebrates its 31-point victory against Hervey Bay Bombers. Matthew McInerney

Cats complete miracle premiership after dominant win

THE CATS: Before the season, Pomona and Gympie were fierce rivals, forced to merge to ensure the survival of Aussie rules and give their players a place to play footy.

On Saturday night, the Cats shredded Hervey Bay Bombers' fairytale script to complete its own miracle.

The Cats' 31-point AFL Wide Bay grand final win capped what's been dubbed one of the greatest miracles in Gympie's sporting history.

The man at the helm, Courtney Findlay, joined the club with the unenviable task of bringing together two groups who despised each other on the footy field, and moulded them into not only a team, but a force to be reckoned with.

The Cats came out of the gates strong, restricting the Bombers to just one point in an all-Gympie first term.

"We certainly kicked more goals down that end and it's been like that the last few times we've played here, but my speech at half-time was more about effort, more about setting up our structures and systems, a little on our time here together, our journey together and what we want to achieve and what we set out at the start," Findlay said.

"I've won quite a few as a player but I think due to the circumstances, the challenges, the hiccups and the headaches, this one is at the top."

Suspended captain Lanze Magin was the first member of the crowd to join the side after the final siren sounded, chaired by his teammates as they celebrated a win.

"He certainly would've been handy out there - he's probably our best player but he's handled it really well. We support him, I support him no matter what on and off the field," Findlay said. "That's what makes the club jell so well."