Editorial: CBD market shows they can listen

Editorial: THANK goodness the Fraser Coast Regional Council's seen the light over Maryborough's markets.

The lack of decision was agonising to business owners and shoppers alike, so it's a relief to finally have an answer.

It's vital though that the community support shown on paper with the petition is now translated into supporting the event with our presence and our wallets.

The focus will be squarely on what can be done to improve the markets, make them more successful and prove that "the people" were right - that the CBD is the correct place.

While the market move is a positive, it's a shame the council's listening ear didn't extend to taking on board a petition about the Pialba Memorial Hall.

A deadline's a deadline (no one knows this more than a journalist) but it's clear the community feels it hasn't had its say. And no doubt there will be further protest from those who remain attached to the building's current location.

A lot can change between now and this time next year, especially with council elections looming.

Still on the topic of government bodies listening... It's interesting that within months of coming into power, the Labor government has solved a problem that plagued Maryborough for years under the previous LNP government.

The re-opening of Borallon prison will ease the pressure at Maryborough Correctional Centre and ensure the safety of its staff - and it seems a relatively simple solution that also creates several hundred jobs around Ipswich.