VIDEO footage has emerged showing the 15 foot, bus-sized mixtures of food waste and sanitary wipes now known by the nation as the 'fatberg'.

The huge lump, even has it's own Twitter account now - @KingstonFatberg, posting tweets such as "squatter's rights mate, you can't touch me".

Workers had to spend 10 nights removing the congealed lard ball clinging to the top of a sewer pipe using high pressure jet hoses.

The congealed lump has been festering in drains beneath a road in Kingston, south west London, before being discovered by a Thames Water CCTV investigation after residents complained of being unable to flush their toilets.

The video shows a camera that has been placed into the pipe by engineers as it move along beneath the fatberg.

The sewer had been reduced to just five per cent of its normal activity.

The fatberg had been clogging London's sewers and was dangerously close to flooding the streets with raw waste, with water officials saying man holes were dangerously close to overflowing.