JOSH Moore's survival of a one-punch attack has surprised some of the people who thought he was not going to make it.

His Melbourne Cup day encounter with a man is being investigated by police, who have viewed CCTV footage.

Mr Moore, 35, said he was at his Maroochydore home when the man came demanding to speak to him about 5pm on November 7.

He said he had earlier that day collected the man's escaped pet dog, held onto it in his yard and then given it to the man's partner when she came around to get it.

Mr Moore said it wasn't the first time he had collected the dog and said he brought it to the woman's attention how much he had saved them in pound fees.

He said he was on his balcony listening to music when the man came to his house.

"I heard yelling and ranting coming down the front telling me to 'get the f downstairs'.

"He came up because he wasn't happy about what I said to the wife."


Josh Moore survived a cowardly attack outside his home.
Josh Moore survived a cowardly attack outside his home. Warren Lynam

Mr Moore said the man's partner came up a short time later and they spoke on the lawn in front of his home.

His mum, Naomi Moore, was also at the property.

Mrs Moore said she was told the man just wanted "to have a friendly chat with Josh".

She said she was about to leave but decided to stay because she wasn't comfortable with what was happening.

The conversation on the front lawn continued among the three while Mrs Moore and a man she was with waited nearby.

She said she turned away and when she looked back her son was unconscious on the ground.

"I heard the thud," Mrs Moore said.

Mr Moore said he was talking to the woman when he felt a heavy blow behind his right ear.

"Just out of the blue he went bang.

"I was out cold."

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Mr Moore fell backwards onto the ground hitting his head.

The impact was on a grassed section less than a metre from his concrete driveway.

CCTV footage showed a man step into the frame quickly before Mr Moore instantly collapsed.

It captured the man's lower body movements but not his upper-body.

Mrs Moore called paramedics immediately.

"It was a real stressful situation," Mrs Moore said.

"I thought he was gone."

Paramedics worked on Mr Moore on the footpath before he was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Mrs Moore said she followed them soon after locking up the house.

She was shocked to see her son's ambulance pulled over on the side of the Sunshine Mwy.

"I think the first procedure was they had to jump start him basically."

She was told the ambulance had to stop a second time further into the trip so breathing tubes could be inserted before continuing to the emergency department.

She said she was ushered into a room with a counsellor when she arrived.

"We thought the worst.

"It was very, very scary stuff."

Mr Moore said police who were at the scene had since told him they thought he was not going to make it.

"Apparently my breathing had completely stopped and when I was on the ground here I had a seizure," Mr Moore said.

He said the first he knew of it was when he woke up in hospital.

"It is just amazing to be alive to tell you the truth after what I have heard and how bad I was.

"Life should be treated as a gift."

He said the outcome could have been much worse if he landed on concrete.

"I am one of the lucky ones, by half a metre or whatever."

He has been seeing doctors regularly about his injuries since being discharged from hospital.

Police on Wednesday confirmed they had spoken with a man but no charges had yet been laid.