Chamber supports wi-fi plan regardless of election result

HERVEY Bay Chamber of Commerce has long pursued a plan similar to the LNP's wi-fi hotspots.

President Sandra Holebrook said free wi-fi was something Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Tiaro and District Chambers had previously worked on together.

"We all recognise that from a tourist destination point of view we weren't giving potential tourists that access when they were in the region," Ms Holebrook said.

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"It's something the chamber recognised as absolutely vital to this region and we saw it was an opportunity for the three chambers to come together to advocate for free wi-fi from Tiaro to Hervey Bay and out to Burrum Heads."

While supportive of the LNP's plan, Ms Holebrook said she wanted to see it as being "more than an election promise".

"We would support it, but if it doesn't' come through from an election perspective we would certainly continue to advocate for it from a local government perspective moving forward," Ms Holebrook said.