Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy
Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy GETTY IMAGES

Changes on way for A-League, says FFA chief

FRANK Lowy says promotion and relegation in Australian football is inevitable with the A-League also expanding to a 12-team competition in two years.

Speaking on Fox Sports, the Football Federation Australia chairman said the two extra teams should be in place by the time the existing TV deal is replaced after the 2016-17 season. But it was the multi-tier model that Lowy, 84, focused on.

"I think we should take that (expansion) into consideration because eventually we will have to have promotion and relegation," Lowy  said. "In my estimation, we will be made to do that."

Wollongong, Canberra, Cairns and south-west Brisbane have all been mooted as potential homes for new A-League clubs and Lowy said the process was already under way.

"Research is being made where and when should a new team be established throughout Australia," he said.