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Chaotic driver runs stolen car through fence, tree

A MAN bolted after losing control of a stolen car and ploughing through a fence and into a tree, a court has heard.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court, Jayden Matthew Kevin Read, 20, from Bethania, pleaded guilty to seven charges including unlawful use of a car on May 25; trespass; entering premises with intent between April 16-19; being in possession of stolen property; and causing wilful damage on May 25.

Full facts were not disclosed to the open court, meaning some of Read's actions would remain a mystery.

The court did hear that he had been in jail for one month since his arrest on May 25.

Prosecutor Sergeant Bernard Elmore said that at the time of offending Read was on a suspended 18 month jail sentence imposed by the District Court.

Sgt Elmore said the most serious of the offences before the court was entering premises, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Police sought a jail term of six months with immediate parole, noting that Read would remain in jail until his breach matters went back before Ipswich District Court.

Magistrate David Shepherd said the unlawful use of motor vehicle was a particularly serious example of that offence.

He said it was driven through a front fence and into a tree.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Read had completed 25 hours of a 40-hour community service order imposed last June.

Mr Shepherd told Read he had accumulated a serious criminal history for such a young man.

He said Read led a chaotic lifestyle, and appeared to have a significant drug problem.

After being arrested for entering premises with intent he told police he had taken substances including heroin.

"Things won't change Mr Read unless you are prepared to change them. Unless you do something about it yourself," Mr Shepherd said.

Mr Shepherd sentenced him to eight months jail for unlawful use, six months jail for entering premises with intent; one month jail for wilful damage; and one month jail for trespass.

He said the charge of being in possession of suspected stolen property involved a fire extinguisher.

He resentenced Read on previous charges that included an offence of assault/obstruct police when intoxicated in a public place.

He was given a parole release date of August 25.

Very few police facts were disclosed in the open court so the exact details of what Read pleaded to are not known and inhibit the accuracy of this report.

In Queensland for a court reporter to read the facts on record to ensure accuracy in their news report, a fee of $15-18 must be paid after first making an application to the court.

No fee applies in other states, where the importance of accurate reporting is acknowledged.