Childbirth photographer heartbroken after Instagram removed

A CHILDBIRTH photographer appealed to Instagram to have her account reinstated after it was deactivated for not complying with their guidelines.

Elle Wickens told the Daily Mail she was heartbroken to discover her Instagram account Earth Babes had been removed.

The NSW photographer uses the account to share photos of women giving birth, newborns and breastfeeding.

She said it was hard for her - and the mothers she's photographed - not to take it personally, when she discovered her page had been deactivated.

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"I created earth.babes to show the world and other women the beauty and power of birth.

"Why must women struggle to be seen, why can't you see us for what we are, powerful, wild, loving humans.

"Why is it okay for our bodies to be seen as a sexual object but not for what we truly are.

"Having my page deactivated has shaken not only my love for Instagram but my faith in community," Miss Wickens said.

She said she was not given a reason to why her page was closed.

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Miss Wickens said she received a generic message from Instagram saying her page did not comply with their community guidelines.

Instagram's community guidelines state they do not allow photos of nudity but "photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed".

She appealed twice to have it reinstated and shared news of the deactivation with her followers who emailed Instagram's policy manager.

Less than 24 hours after it was deactivated, Miss Wickens' account was reinstated.

"I can't believe the amazing support that has come from this page being deactivated. I have never in my life felt more held by a community of women. You are all so loved and cherished by me thank you!" she wrote to her followers on Instagram.


She told the Daily Mail she was overwhelmed with the support she received.

"It seemed to start this uprising of women who felt that way.

"I felt a duty to get it [the page] back," she said.

Miss Wickens said Instagram told her in an email her account was removed by "accident".

But she said she didn't think it was all Instagram but "more the people that are using Instagram".

"Showing people the truth about birth I think is something that could help the world.

"It's an opinion we need to discuss and change."