The Maryborough Magistrates Court has heard how a man threatened to strangle a woman to death. Photo: File.
The Maryborough Magistrates Court has heard how a man threatened to strangle a woman to death. Photo: File.

CHILLING: ‘I’m going to strangle you until you are dead’

"I'm going to strangle you until you are dead."
Those were the chilling words a man said to his partner as she fought to push him off as he held her down on the bed, with children in another part of the home.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to once count of contravening a domestic violence order and one count of wilful damage in the Maryborough Magistrates Court this week.

The court heard the man visited a Maryborough home about 6pm on October 26 last year.

The woman was feeling unwell and went to lie down, leaving the man to care for the children.

He became aggravated about having to look after the children and walked into the bedroom and woke the woman.

He called her a bad mother before leaving the home.

The man then left the house, the court heard, before returning with his mother.

His mother then left before the man entered the bedroom and pushed the woman onto the bed and held her down.

The woman scratched him while attempting to push him off her, the court heard, and it was then the man made the threat to strangle her.

The court heard the woman was fearful for her life.

She managed to break free and went into the children's room.

He left the home, but returned the next day.

The woman told him to go away and locked the door.

The man then smashed a bedroom window before leaving the home.

Police were called to the scene, who noticed drops of blood outside the home.

The woman was "visibly shaken", the court heard, telling police she was fearful of the man and his behaviour.

She showed the officers message he had sent via Facebook telling her she had brought it on herself.

"I f--king love you, but I'll be dead soon," one of the messages read, according to police prosecutor Kath Stagoll.

Police caught up with the man, who had lacerations to his forearms and scratches consistent with the woman trying to fight him off.

Defence lawyer Michael Riedel said his client had medical and mental health issues, including a hernia, schizophrenia and bipolar.

He had been off his medication at the time of offending because he couldn't get in to see a doctor, Mr Riedel said.

"He was very upset with himself over what he had done and he did think about self harming," Mr Riedel said.

"He wants to apologise to the aggrieved."

The man was sentenced to 15 months' probation and convictions were recorded.