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Chris Brown rejects another plea deal

CHRIS Brown has rejected another plea deal in his Washington DC assault case.

The 'Loyal' hitmaker - who was arrested, along with his bodyguard, in the city in October after allegedly breaking a man's nose and making a homophobic slur when the 20-year-old male and a friend attempted to insert themselves in a photograph the star was taking with two females - is set to go to trial in September after his lawyer, Mark Geragos, was unable to reach an agreement with the district prosecutor today (25.06.14).

A source told gossip website that the 25-year-old star, who has always maintained that he didn't attack the alleged victim and turned down an earlier deal to reduce the charges in January, was close to reaching a deal, but the lawyers couldn't agree on a statement of the facts about the events leading to the incident.

If convicted, the singer could face a maximum of six months in jail and $1,000 fine.

Chris' 35-year-old bodyguard, Chris Hollosy, was convicted of assault in a separate trial in April.

The judge decided to delay the 'Fine China' hitmaker's case at the time to enable attorneys to work out issues over testimony from his bodyguard, who is planning to appeal his conviction and refused to testify the singer's behalf, as he was worried about how it would impact his own case.

Hollosy is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

Chris was released from jail on June 2 after spending two months behind bars for allegedly making threats about using guns while seeking anger-management treatment in rehab.