Christian Roger Annette jailed for brutally attacking and threatening to kill his elderly mother
Christian Roger Annette jailed for brutally attacking and threatening to kill his elderly mother John Weekes

‘I’m going to kill you’: Son bashes 83yo mother

A CHRONIC alcoholic who brutally assaulted his 83-year-old mother and told her "I'm going to kill you tonight", as he repeatedly slammed her head against a door, has been jailed.

Christian Roger Annette dragged, punched and headbutted his elderly mum - who was hospitalised with serious injuries for 10 days - in the belief his siblings owed him money.

In sentencing Annette to a minimum three years and four months' jail, District Court Judge Simon Stretton described the December 2017 attack as "senseless and traumatising".

"You committed a brutal and totally unprovoked assault against your own mother - a vulnerable and elderly woman - who relied upon you for assistance," Judge Stretton said.

"(She) has supported you for years and years, despite your actions towards her and other members of the family, when no-one else would support and help you.

"Your mother described you as saying 'I'm going to kill you tonight so get ready', as you were bashing her head against the door leading to the carport."

Judge Stretton said Annette's mother had collected her son from his house and took him to her retirement unit because it was a hot day and his airconditioning was broken.

He said the pair watched movies while Annette drank a two-litre cask of port, then became aggressive because he believed his siblings had stolen from him.

"You and your mother were sitting at the table. You suddenly punched her in the face. You then held on to her and punched her at least another four times and headbutted her," he said.

"You began throwing items around the unit and you started calling your mother highly abusive and offensive names. Your mother then removed herself to her bedroom.

"You then dragged your mother to the door leading to the carport and repeatedly slammed her against the door and doorframe. You dragged her back to the table and flipped the table over."

Judge Stretton said Annette lost his balance and tripped, allowing his mother to flee and seek shelter with a neighbour.

She was taken to Lyell McEwin Hospital, where she spent 10 days recovering from injuries including blood on the brain, facial bruising, a swollen lip and ear, and torn skin.



Annette, 48, who pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of causing harm with intent over the attack, told the court he had no memory of what he had done to his mother.

The court heard a victim impact statement from Annette's mother, who described another violent incident in which her son smashed her car windscreen and then headbutted her.

She was then thrown against a brick wall - and the back of her head split open - as she tried to walk away from her alcohol-fuelled son.

"You have wrecked your relationship with your own mother … she feels saddened beyond belief and she feels that all her years of trying to help you - and the hope, disappointment, anger, stress and downright fear that caused her - have been for nothing," Judge Stretton said.

"She says she cannot see you again because you simply cannot be trusted. All of that completely, absolutely and entirely your own fault."

Judge Stretton said Annette - a father of one - had regularly consumed alcohol since he was eight years old and smoked marijuana from the age of 10.

"The current offending is a testament to the significant danger that alcohol represents for you, and indeed to those around you, and it provides a context whereby you have brutally attacked your own elderly mother," he said.

"The court accepts that you love your mother and that she represents the only person in your family with whom you have been able to enjoy a positive relationship. That did not, however, prevent you brutally assaulting her."

Judge Stretton urged Annette to address his alcoholism and aggression while in prison or risk a longer custodial sentence.