AFTER witnessing a section of the Hervey Bay foreshore erode during ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald, Margaret Kaddatz is all for a rock wall to protect the beach. 

The Chronicle took to the streets to ask residents to have their say about Council's $7m rock wall Council that will be built to protect Hervey Bay's beaches from devastating sand erosion. 

While locals were hard to come across when we hit the esplanade, a few from the area had their say.  

Mrs Kaddatz said the worst of the erosion happened in sections where there was no protection of rocks. 

Council says there is no other option to protect Hervey Bay's beaches and the plan includes using a combination of beach nourishment, sand-filled bags and rock to build revetment walls to protect the foreshore. 

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From an outsiders perspective, Mrs Kaddatz's daughter Andrea has recently moved to Hervey Bay from North Queensland where she says council haven't moved quick enough. 

"Beaches simply aren't there any more because council have been too late to react," she said. 

While the majority of residents we caught up with at the esplanade were in favour of the rock wall, Facebook followers also had their say on the issue.

There was a suggestion for dredging, along with other comments about concerns other beaches in the area needed to be looked after. 

There were also concerns raised about the amount of money being spent on the rock wall and the taxpayers hip pocket. 

Residents raised the issue about council removing sections of trees along the foreshore in the past.