Church leader faces deportation after child rape jail term

RELATIVES of a Queensland church leader who raped and indecently assaulted young choir members have sobbed and wailed during the evangelist's sentencing.

Shartiel Nibigira, 44, has been sentenced in the Brisbane District Court to 11 years' jail after being found guilty on 21 charges.

Paramedics were called to the court when relatives of the father-of-eight collapsed on the floor after listening to Judge Tony Moynihan hand down the sentence on Thursday.

Nibigira spent 10 years in a Tanzanian refugee camp after fleeing war-torn Burundi. He is at risk of being deported after serving his sentence.

The court heard Nibigira committed the offences at his house during choir practice, or while transporting the girls for practices or church events. He raped and indecently touched one girl at least eight times over 18 months while she was aged between nine and 11.

The church treasurer raped another girl in his bathroom during choir practice and indecently assaulted her at another time.