Climate data vague on hits to reef and Fraser, claims Govt

THE State Government insists there is no data available on whether climate change will affect Fraser Island more than the Great Barrier Reef.

The Government's comment comes after Fraser Island Defenders Organisation project officer John Sinclair was quoted in yesterday's Chronicle saying the island's easily eroded sand surface might put it more at risk than the reef.

"Fraser Island is probably going to be affected on a size basis by climate change more seriously possibly than the Great Barrier Reef, which is a sad thing for a World Heritage site," he said.

But a Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokesman said the Government was commit

ted to managing the impacts of climate change.

"EHP is currently working with James Cook University to map the potential effects of climate change," he said.

"As this work is in its early stages, the data available so far does not indicate whether climate change will affect the Great Barrier Reef more than Fraser Island or vice-versa.'

However, the spokesman said the data did indicate that climate change carried the potential to affect Queensland's natural environments significantly.