WINNERS: Clint and Hannah finally find their design mojo.
WINNERS: Clint and Hannah finally find their design mojo. Channel 9

Clint and Hannah's emotional Block triumph

CLINT and Hannah Amos are no longer The Block's underdogs.

The renovation rookies have finally found their feet on the reality renovation show, securing their first room reveal win tonight after three weeks at the bottom of the leaderboard.

"It's a roller coaster of emotion. You get bashed one week and then you've got the enlightenment of winning a room," Clint said.

Last week the show's five teams were given an open brief to deliver their 'anything by a bedroom' room.

Clint and Hannah chose to create a loungeroom/parents' retreat and the judges praised the room's cozy feeling and period features including a working fireplace.

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 27* Clint and Hannah's winning 'anything' room in a scene from The Block.
Clint and Hannah finally scored a win with this luxurious parents' retreat with period features. Channel 9

"It feels cozy; it feels welcoming; it's got wow factor," Neale Whitaker said.

"It's a room I want to linger in; it's convivial."

The former Townsville couple won convincingly, scoring two points above the nearest competition.

"I really think that this is them," Shaynna Blaze said. "They've risen to it and I'm loving what they're doing."

Josh and Elyse finished in second place with their beautifully styled study featuring an impressive wall of inset shelves.

The judges praised the couple for creating a room that doubles as a home office and an area to read and relax.

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 27* Josh and Elyse's 'anything' room in a scene from The Block.
Josh and Elyse's 'zen' study/home office. Channel 9

"This is the most beautiful library wall I have ever seen in this competition," Neale said.

The other three teams were all tied on 21 points.

Ronnie and Georgia were hoping to pull of a hat trick, but the judges dubbed their parents' retreat was dubbed a tacky nightclub. They were not impressed with the couple's decision to salvage another team's fireplace only to use it as decoration.

"This room feels as wrong to me as Hannah and Clint's felt right," Neale said.

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 27* Ronnie and Georgia's 'anything' room in a scene from The Block.
Ronnie and Georgia's dream run is over after they delivered a confused room. Channel 9

"The temptation is to put gold and brass against black... To me it feels like a room that can't decide if it's an old-fashioned sitting room or a night club - a bad night club."

Jason and Sarah's budget woes were evident in the styling of their loungeroom.

"It's not a good place to be at this stage in week four," Neale said.

"I feel it's completely top heavy. All the action is going on above our heads and down here at floor level it's just a bit blah."

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 27* Jason and Sarah's 'anything' room in a scene from The Block.
Jason and Sarah's understated loungeroom. Channel 9

The couple was praised for the marked improvement in their painting.

Best mates Sticks and Wombat didn't expect to impress the judges this week with their tiny home office, which was significantly smaller than the other teams' rooms because of their decision to steal space from the room for their guest en-suite.

Size aside, the judges questioned their choice of wall colour and how the lack of a second loungeroom would impact them on auction day.

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 27* Sticks and Wombat's 'anything' room, a home office, in a scene from The Block.
Sticks and Wombat's home office. Channel 9

"I couldn't hate that colour more. It looks like it's from the '80s in a really bad way," Darren Palmer said.

"At what cost is that big en-suite to the house?"

This upcoming week the teams will build their lounge and dining rooms as work moves to the new extensions of their homes.


Week 4 room reveal scores

Clint and Hannah: 28.5

Josh and Elyse: 26.5

Ronnie and Georgia: 21

Jason and Sarah: 21

Sticks and Wombat: 21